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Recovering a Vital Function Part Four: Counting the Cost; Paying the Price

by Mark Frost –  In these posts, I’ve been pleading for us to regain our passion for evangelism. I’ve found through experience that such a call will garner hearty “amens” from some quarters. I’ve also learned that some of those enthusiastic affirmations come from people who are not prepared to deal with what God may […]

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Recovering a Vital Function Part Three: The Approach

by Mark Frost –  How do we reach non-religious people with the good news of Jesus? The task is so intimidating that most believers never make much of an effort, preferring instead the safety of the insulated fellowship of like-minded people. But for many of us, the very survival of our congregations (not to mention the […]

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Recovering a Vital Function – Part 2: God’s Initiative

by Mark Frost –  At one time, what passed for evangelism among us was the task of winning religious arguments with people who shared our worldview and many of our core beliefs, including the authority of Scripture. But now, we find ourselves surrounded by a culture that no longer accepts our worldview and does not understand our […]

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