Interim Ministry Partners (IMP) believe that an effective transition ministry is rooted in good theology, careful process, and healthy teaching. We hope these resources will be a blessing to you and your congregation. Read More

The Relational Search Process: The Good and the Bad of the Relational Search Process

We believe building relationships with candidates is necessary for good search processes. But it also causes problems. Read More

Levels of Service

Because every church is different, with a variety of needs and resources, Interim Ministry Partners makes a range of services available to assist churches in transition. Read More

Welcome to Interim Ministry Partners (IMP). Our mission is to help churches through seasons of transition … to transition so effectively that those churches are transformed.

Interim Ministry Partners (a division of Hope Network Ministries) focuses on churches looking for a new Pulpit Minister. Losing (and finding) a preaching minister can be a difficult and demanding experience for a congregation. Where do you start? What steps should you take? How can church leaders use the “interim season” to accomplish positive, healthy, and spiritual goals? Is there a trustable process for navigating this time of change?

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“Sweet Spirited, Gentle, Long Suffering.”

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Mike Searcy Search Committee Member, Overland Park Church August 11, 2016

When asked “Without your partnership with IMP, how do you think your congregation would have weathered the interim season?” 100% of elders (from churches served by IMP and surveyed to evaluate our performance) responded “worse” or “much worse.”

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August 11, 2016

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