Interim Season Seminar

All churches going through an interim season face similar characteristics. However, each situation and each congregation is unique. Some churches may have the resources available to work their way through the transition without the regular presence of an outside consultant, but may still feel a need for a reliable road map through the process. Other churches may desire the presence of a consultant, but lack the financial resources to make it possible. For these churches, Interim Ministry Partners offers a weekend seminar which lays out a practical strategy for dealing with the transition.

The Interim Season Seminar is focused on helping churches embrace the opportunities of the interim season, educating them about transition issues and challenges, and helping them learn an effective process for finding their next minister. Following the seminar, the church leadership will have a clear view of the road ahead and the Search Committee will have received valuable training in our unique and effective search process.

What is included with the Interim Season Seminar?

  • One or two Zoom video-conference pre-sessions with the church’s leaders in preparation for the seminar (topics can include selecting the Search Committee members and chair, discovering your church’s mission, or anticipating challenges and roadblocks in the process.).
  • One weekend seminar involving the congregational leaders and the Search Committee (Friday p.m., Saturday, and Sunday a.m.).
  • The potential for “troubleshooting” through follow-up meetings via Zoom or on-site visits (as IMP schedule allows and church desires).

Topics for Teaching/Training

  • Opportunities and Challenges of the Interim Season
  • The Importance of Mission
  • Feeding the Church in the Interim Season
  • Defining your Ideal Candidate
  • Search Process (Key Elements)
  • Leading through Transition

Pros and Cons of the Interim Ministry Seminar



  • Provides solid, practical, experience-proven guidance for church leaderships dealing with unfamiliar challenges
  • Provides a road map for the transition season in place of a “shoot in the dark” approach
  • Allows the leadership to draw upon the cumulative experience of dozens of other churches who have been helped by Interim Ministry Partners.
  • Helps leaders make wise decisions about who to include on a Search Committee (and why).
  • Provides training for Search Committee members in a proven process.
  • Calms congregational anxieties as members see leaders taking a thoughtful, thorough approach to the selection process.
  • Is the most affordable of the services offered by Interim Ministry Partners.
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  • Does not expose the congregation as a whole to consistent teaching and preaching on issues relevant to the transition process.
  • Provides limited preparation and follow-up time with the consulting Partner.
  • Leaders may have limited resources for dealing with issues that arise in the transition process after the seminar.