Levels of Service

“Interim Ministry” involves a partnership between a congregation and an interim minister during a time of transition in order to inspire a more effective and impactful future for the church. This “partnership” usually involves three areas:

  • A consistent pulpit presence that keeps congregational morale high and ensures the vital work of preaching and teaching continues in the interim.
  • A consulting relationship with the church’s leaders to foster congregational health and effectiveness.
  • Training and guidance in conducting a successful search for a new minister who can provide inspiring leadership during the next season of a church’s life.

We are so convinced of the importance of the transition season for the health and future of a congregation that we advise churches to make whatever commitment and investment is necessary to take full advantage of the interim period. However, because every church is different, with a variety of needs and resources, Interim Ministry Partners makes a range of services available to assist churches in transition.

  • The “Full Service” relationship allows the widest range of our resources and experiences to focus on a particular congregation for an extended period of time. (This is our recommended course.)
  • The “Search Consulting” relationship is a more limited service, focused particularly on the process of finding the right person to provide pulpit leadership for your congregation.
  • The “Interim Season Seminar” involves a long weekend during which we prepare your congregation (and, in particular, your church’s leaders and search committee) to address the challenges and opportunities of the interim season.

To say that churches are different is not to say they are completely unique. In fact, during times of transition most churches share many challenges and opportunities in common. There are certain characteristics and requirements churches have in common, no matter their size or stage-of-life or personality. Every congregation needs inspiration and encouragement. Each one needs a plan and the conviction that they can make a difference in the world. All churches require leadership and a sense of mission to accomplish kingdom goals.

Because of these commonalities, restricting the impact of an interim ministry by choosing more limited options may be “penny wise and pound foolish.” Churches that hire “in haste” often “repent in leisure.” So we encourage you to make the best investment you can during the interim season to reap the greatest rewards for the future of your church.

For more information, contact the partners at questions@interimministrypartners.com.