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Decision Making Process: Part 4 – The Decision-Making ‘Exit Ramp’

by Tim Woodroof –  On a freeway, most exit ramps look the same. A sign gives you warning an exit is available in one mile. A right-hand lane allows you to slow as you turn onto the exit ramp. The ramp banks gently away from the freeway and towards an intersection with some lesser road. You […]

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Decision Making Process: Part 3 – The Decision-Making ‘Freeway’

by Tim Woodroof –  Nothing beats an interstate freeway for moving quickly and efficiently from Point A to Point B. But there are obvious challenges involved with freeway travel. You have to build the infrastructure—a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. You should establish some “rules of the road”: how fast (or slow) drivers should go … which […]

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Decision Making Process: Part 1 – A Decision-Making Model

by Tim Woodroof –  It’s late on a Wednesday night. The shepherds’ meeting is winding down. There is only one item left on the agenda, but it is the final item for a reason. It requires a difficult decision. “Before we leave tonight,” says the Chair, “we have to decide whether to drop our support for […]

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