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Serving God with Dirty Hands #3: As Each Part Does Its Work

by Phil Ware Names. They get harder and harder to remember the older I get. Names. They pile up in my digital address books becoming more and more frustrating to keep up to date with their changing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Names. They stack up in my Facebook® and Twitter® and Instagram® “friends” […]

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Serving God with Dirty Hands 02: Beyond My Broken Prayers

by Phil Ware “I’m not sure I can pray anymore. It’s useless. My prayers are not heard. They go unanswered. Nothing happens when I pray. At this point, I don’t even know what to say. I’m frustrated, discouraged, and disappointed with God. I’m even more disappointed in my lack of faith. I don’t even know […]

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Ancient Wisdom, Today’s Grace: Surprise!

by Phil Ware “Daddeee,” Megan said in her sweetest voice and using her pet name for me, “are we nearly to MiMi’s yet?” Megan loves her MiMi. It didn’t hurt that as she grew up, Megan’s MiMi lived in the country in an old farmhouse with lots of outside space to explore with her cousins. […]

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